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Battle Dragon part1
This text contains TF and/or TG as well as mild sexual scenes and bad language
So if you don't like any of the above, go find something else to read
Made by:
The TGF Writer
"I am very sorry..."  this, dear readers.
"'s not that you don't work hard..." are pieces of conversations.
"...but you have to think that..." that have filled up my life.
"...there are tens of people who..." these past two and a half years.
" it way better than you..." and it's not that I'm not surprised.
"...and are paid the same than you..." after all, who can compete with someone that can become ten times stronger?
"...I really don't have any other option..." I mean, sure, I wake up at four in the morning every morning to go to work.
" pack up your stuff..." so I can pay my university and the rent of my one room flat.
"...take off your uniform..." and not have to go back to the middle of now
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Collared Heart Ch 5 - TG
The walk to the headmaster's office was less much dramatic than Abigail's excited claim should have indicated; it was a quiet walk through the halls, Vera's fingers intertwined with her friend's as they moved through the hall, and the red string between their hearts hanging loosely between them. The door, however, was imposing, the thick dark wood causing Vera's hand to tighten against Abigail's without concern for how it looked.
"Relax." Vera murmured, shooting her friend a smile. "It'll be fine. We just need to introduce you to the headmaster before you start class."
"But…" Vera paused, suddenly uncertain why she was so scared. Vince wouldn't have been that scared. She released Abigail's hand with an embarrassed laugh, only to rip it again immediately when the door opened of its own accord, another young girl gesturing for them to come in with a smile.
The headmistress behind the desk didn't look too scary, though; long white hair shaped a gentle and round face, with heavily lid
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Collared Heart Ch 4 - TG
Vera shifted in Abigail's grip, trying not to make the girl stumble so close to the doorway. Her lips almost brushed Abigail's nose in the process, leaving her to awkwardly hover above Abigail's eyes, wondering how best to shift out of the girl's grip.
"What?" Abigail asked. Her green eyes reflected honest confusion. It did little good for the apprehensive thoughts rattling around Vera's skull.
"School?" Vera parroted. "We're going to school? You go to a school? Why would you go to a school!" She wasn't even making sense to herself anymore. She could hear herself panicking. But the thoughts were swirling around in her head. She didn't know how to deal with high school. Or middle school. Or whatever school she'd be in. She'd already graduated college. Or Vince had. Someone had. She remembered it. It was different. She wouldn't be able to take it.
"Of course school," Abigail murmured. Vera could feel the worried eyes on her, the girl – the real girl, not the false teenager she was &
:icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 10 4
Collared Heart CH 3 - TG
Vera touched the edge of her skirt, peeling it from her thigh to stare at the white frill, the ever present red on her face deepening as she glanced back to Abigail. "I'm… I'm..."
"So cute the girl preened circling her arms around Vera. Her finger's played with the tips Vera's hair, making her feel like little more than a dress up doll as Abigail cooed behind her.  "You look so pretty! That dress hugs your little curves so perfectly, and your hair is just like a dolls – though it was like that already, but the frills are just so…" She squeezed tighter, oblivious to Vera's squirming. "Cyuuuute!"
"Can't I look cute in less frills?" Vera let the material fall back, trying to smooth it over with her palm. "I mean, … Um… It's just that…" She hesitated, feeling Abigail's hands swinging the locks of her hair back and forth. "What are you doing?"
"Playing with your hair. This style of yours is so adorable! You're going to need some cute hats to dr
:icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 9 4
Amy - Chapter 1
Adam was a guy who lived by himself in an apartment at the age of 21. He kept to himself, went to work on time, and always was on track with his work. On top of all that he still managed to work out to stay in shape and keep his apartment clean.
Unfortunately because of this his social life was little and never really flourished. He didn't really have any friends besides his family and coworkers whom he was only around at work. He hadn't had a girlfriend in a couple years.
On a particular Friday night he decided to go out to a bar to fail at talking with women, and ended up having a miserable time seeing as he had no friends to head home at the embarrassing time of 9pm.
He made it back home and retrieved his mail, a package being a part of the contents. It must of have been the special pills he ordered that would help him increase his happiness. So... yeah Anti-Depressants. But these would also help relieve stress and leave you feeling invigorated.
Adam went into his apartment and imme
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